Who We Are?

Our Mission

Shivalee Digital Recording Studio offer recording services and creative guidance of the highest possible standard. We specialize in music production in Jalandhar and have a passionate, friendly and highly experienced music production team who are capable of catering to your every audio requirement. With extended experience in recording, Clients can choose from a vast collection of high-quality recording equipment, production, mixing and mastering. We also have the best hardware and software to record and produce your Single, EP and your Album.

Professional Sound Engineers & Audio Producers at our State of the Art Mixing Studio in Jalandhar

Shivalee Digital Recording Studios is an acclaimed music production studio located in JALANDHAR. We offer a range of vintage and modern recording gear, as well as a dedicated team of industry professionals

Our music studio space offers exceptional recording and mixing facilities. From professional musicians to unsigned acts and new talent, we have everything artists need to create their perfect sound. Read on below to learn about our history and the services we offer.

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